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IT Support

IT plays an important role in your business, but you may not have a full team and sufficient capital to build your own IT department. At MAG, we can provide you with professional IT outsourcing services, whether it is design and development or providing solutions according to local conditions. With MAG as your backing, you can join in the business world without any burdens.

Repair  support

Assist in contacting the manufacturer to find the hardware breakdown.

On-site installation and supervision service

MAG not only sells Information Technology products but also carries on site installation and supervision service.


1.Pre-installation information service:MAG provides information about hardware and software products before sale. This is to ensure that our clients have clear understanding of the products that would enable clients to choose products best fitted for their requirements.


2.Remote Dial-In Support Service:Customers can simply make a telephone call to our service telephone lines to access technical advice from our engineers on hardware and software problems.


3.Dedicated Maintenance Service:MAG assigns a dedicated staff Coordinator & Engineer to handle your account. This is to avoid confusion while still maintaining transparency of all service done.



MAG provides the professional training services for clients including network systems administration and operation, and general office software.



MAG provides regular check-ups for the user's computer system. Users can rely on our timely on-site response time. Our standard time is to reply within a few hours after receiving the request.



MAG strives to provide high-quality and timely services for your computer system to ensure reliable and continuous operation. The MAG package is completely comprehensive and tailored to meet the specific needs of users, and can be used for all types of networks or independent systems.

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing


For Desk 

Business end users are benefiting from increasing availability and diversity of applications and devices, driving increased expectations for technical support wherever and whenever they need it.


At the same time, cost pressures on the business are driving the need to migrate support to lower-cost channels and delivery locations. The MAG Service Desk minimizes the cost of downtime to the business by providing clients with a single point of contact for all technology incidents and requests, maximizing resolution on first contact through our proprietary troubleshooting process capability, and managing all escalated incidents and problems through to resolution.



Our Service Desk achieves demonstrable value for our clients through the following:

·   Reducing risk through federated multi-site support, enabled by global processes and tools.

·   Supporting long-term or short-term volume changes with flexible staffing options.

·   Improving service levels through industrialized troubleshooting and support processes.

·    Reducing costs by 30 to 50 percent through increased leverage of remote support services and self-service



For Network 

The network environment is one of the most complex aspects of IT infrastructure.

Expanding the network globally, interconnecting business partners and moving to a real-time enterprise all compound network challenges. MAG Network Services delivers a consistent service experience for end users across a diverse environment consisting of multiple vendors, devices and service providers, providing our clients a controlled environment and competitive cost structure. Network Services enable a more secure and robust network infrastructure through the following services:

·   Infrastructure Monitoring

·   Network Management

·   Telephony Management

Our Network Services achieve business value for our clients through the following

·   Increasing network scalability and location independence.

·   Minimizing unplanned network downtime to < 1 percent.

·   Reducing costs by 10 to 20 percent through right-sizing, consolidation and sourcing optimization.

·   Improving detection and response to prioritized security threats.

 The latest update by MAG Solutions in 2019 



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