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Network Engineering Service

Upon completion of the service, MAG generates a formal Network Specification Book. During a follow-up conference call, MAG engineers review this document with the service provider, discussing engineering requirements and potential next steps.



Networks today are evolving, and communication service providers are under constant pressure to keep delivering competitive, high quality services. The Network Engineering service offered by MAG enables service providers to accelerate their access network deployments and optimize their network performance – ensuring the best possible return on their network investments and enabling new revenues, higher customer satisfaction, and reduced operating costs.  


Benefits include


Network Engineering: Helping service providers accelerate and optimize their access network investments


MAG Network Engineering is flexible enough to meet virtually any service provider requirement, and it scales

from a simple node insertion all the way to complete network re-engineering.


Typical deliverables include:

• Complete network audit with documented results

• Documented customer requirements and assumptions

• Detailed configuration data for all network elements

• Complete IP addressing scheme

• Design for Layers 1-3

• Equipment list

• System installation and equipment requirements

• Network diagrams

• Card placement information

• Protection scheme information

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