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The Clients We Served

CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Shanghai Public Network Password Management Center, Shanghai Urban Transport Bureau, Party School of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Tongji University, Fudan University, Industrial Securities, Guoyuan Securities, Shanxi Securities, Air Force of Chinese People's Liberation Army in Shanghai, PLA 85 Hospital, Shanghai Technology Transfer & Exchange, Hudong Shipyard, Kunshan Department,Suntec Software,Pantheon International (private) Club, AT & S (China), VOLVO (China), Fujitsu Systems, Honeywell, CITIC Pacific, Orrick, Housing Home Security, SAIC Heavy Machinery, Gymboree, Embassy of Argentina, QSMC Manufacturing City, Singapore Univac Precision, Singapore EOC, Taiwan Qide Semiconductor, France Oris Watches, Asia Top, German Paper, Matsushita Electric, Dare Technology, East Pump, Lule Software, Jiande Hotel, Hong Kai investment, Taidong Sports, Bolex Food,Mitsui, Xiaotong Network, Kohler Shares, Mitsui OSK Lines, Qianle China, Rosetta, Thakral, Xylon, Summergate,Usmef, Santera,Linual consultant, Surveypacific and etc...

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