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The Services we've proceeded:


1.Translation Service:


We're expert in multilingual translation including:

English-Chinese, Japanese-Chinese,Korean-Chinese, French-Chinese, Spanish-Chinese, German-Chinese, Italian-Chinese, Arabic-Chinese...

Translation Contents contain: website, academic essay, and commercial files...

2. Other Services: Content Copywrite&editing,  data entry

Clients are welcome to consult this service, we can customise our services to suit your needs, click the button below to find out what we have written or edited...



Content writing for public websites or websites in the areas of workplace, business, entrepreneurship, family, emotions, religion, spirituality, IT, literature, fashion, etc. Custom copywriting is also available to suit your needs.

For clients who purchase our outsourcing package, or a monthly membership, they can receive a complimentary copy editing service or public website operation service.

Business Writing:
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