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Company Update

In 2021, MAG Solutions’s BPO outsourcing service has extended to the field of human resources and headhunting, undertook human resources outsourcing and high-end talent search. In addition, it partners with Hunteron, and transports and manages operation talents for Hunteron platform.

In 2020, MAG Solutions, the IT outsourcing business expanded to include artificial intelligence, e-commerce. In the field of Internet of Things, smart solutions have been extended,  cooperated with brands such as iFLYTEK.

In 2019, MAG IT Solutions, expands its outsourcing services to more areas and renames its website as " MAG Solutions ".

From 2017 to 2018, the company, dedicated to public  welfare undertakings, provided a large number of advisory consulting services for groups in need.

From 2014 to 2017, MAG IT Solutions undertook the outsourcing of ZTE Cloud's cooperation and service trade in the area of IT products, marketing and services.

Since 2014, the company has shifted from its original focus on translation outsourcing to IT outsourcing. We started to focus on IT outsourcing as our main business, supplemented by translation.

In 2013, MAG had a strategic cooperation with BEPS Europe in the field of translation outsourcing.

In 2012, "Taiwan Bidosoft" has cooperated with MAG IT Solutions for a period of time, mainly to expand the IT business and integrate the marketing capabilities of large Taiwanese manufacturing companies, to provide outsourcing cooperation in the marketing field.

2010-2012 (before and after the establishment of MAG), cooperated with "Shanghai Jiehang Computer Co., Ltd." and "Shanghai Jiehang Information Technology Co., Ltd." (brand: Anoxun), which is a company in Songjiang District, Shanghai that joint ventured with a Taiwanese factory.

In September 2011, the original founder of Anoxun established MAG. At the beginning of its establishment, it was mainly engaged in two major industries, IT and translation. MAG IT Solutions is the IT industry of MAG. MAG has a more global and innovative vision, and has successively traded and cooperated with counterparts in Japan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, India, Taiwan, Serbia, Italy, Britain, Germany and other industries.

MAG was formerly known as "Anoxun", established in 2003, the marketing department was founded in the heart of Shanghai's bustling city centre, just a few minutes away from the centre of Nanjing East Road pedestrian street, with modern and well-furnished office environment and facilities. We provide IT products and services for party committees, offices, military, state-owned enterprises, as well as enterprises and institutions, foreign companies and multinational corporations.

Our projects

  1. 'MAG  IT Solutions' was the predecessor of 'MAG Solutions', mainly played the role as IT consultant to providing outsourcing service, completed the virtualization integration project for ZTE Corporation, mainly including the provision of Vmware virtualization software, EMC storage equipment, IBM servers, switches and other hardware and software equipment, as well as the implementation of the entire virtualization integration project. In this project, MAG Solutions also arranged a project manager to manage and coordinate the project on site. When facing the requirements of customers, MAG Solutions also actively cooperated and handled them quickly. The whole project was successfully conducted through good communication with the client and the correct handling of the matter. During this period, MAG Solutions and ZTE also cooperated on other projects, such as the construction of the Poly mailbox system for a central enterprise in Beijing. By understanding the client's requirements for the mailbox system, MAG Solutions formulated the most suitable construction plan for them and also carried out the project implementation of the mailbox system construction. The good coordination and handling during the period also enabled the project to proceed steadily in the implementation process.

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