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IT Maintenance



MAG provides the professional training services for clients including network systems administration and operation, and general office software.



MAG offers high qualities and prompt services for your computer systems to ensure reliable and continuous operation. MAG Service Maintenance packages are fully comprehensive, tailored to meet the specific requirements of users, and are available for all types of networks or stand alone systems.


Solutions MAG provides periodical check-up for the users computer system.

Users can count on our prompt on-site response time. Our standard time is within several hours after receiving complaints.


Repair services

Besides need to replace the computer or accessories outside, MAG will expel the breakdown of the client’s machine ASAP then.


On-site installation and supervision service

MAG not only sells Information Technology products but also carries on site installation and supervision service.


Support Services

Pre-installation information service

MAG provides information about hardware and software products before sale. This is to ensure that our clients have clear understanding of the products that would enable clients to choose products best fitted for their requirements.


Remote Dial-In Support Service

Customers can simply make a telephone call to our service telephone lines to access technical advice form our engineers on hardware and software problems.


Dedicated Support Service

MAG assigns a dedicated staff Coordinator & Engineer to handle your account. This is to avoid confusion while still maintaining transparency of all service done.


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