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Outsourcing service

Cloud Service


Cloud Service is a way of resource use exchange via the website of network to combine batch hardware and software platform, to meet customers' demand, which could provide remote and timely service. When one client need a service at somewhere or sometime, only need pay fee and require the service, the relevant products or services, would be provided to try to meet the demand as what the people used like utilities.

Outsourcing service
Information Intergrations
For the whole analysis of what organization or business need for the right purpose. We can try to provide the whole collection and judgement to effect the results of the demand for whole system building.

Outsourcing service
Cloud Meeting

It's used traditional software to combination with hardware, to effect meeting online that can solve the distance problem and travelling fee, and meet online to do business or big family meeting.

Outsourcing service
Information Shootcut

It's a Information shoot cut for the target demand, to providing clients more correct information to meet their high requirement.

It could be customized.

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