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We Deliver Systematic Outsource Solutions 


We support your outsourcing (BPO) efforts: including sourcing from China for global clients, bridging foreign companies and brands into the Chinese market, providing startup consulting and holistic solutions.  In addition to this, we open up direct sales channels to the global market while also providing customised consulting services to international clients in sourcing Chinese products and candidates. Our services can fully cover up to implementation if the client has the corresponding needs. Associated services include executive search, IT solutions and other outsourcing needs...


We can provide global customers with Chinese procurement, enterprise outsourcing, translation localization and other services, and provide consulting, project matching, diversified demand solutions and one-stop outsourcing services for multinational companies and foreign brands enter in China or seeking cooperation in China.

We are knowledgeable and multi-talented, we specialise in working with manufacturers and mangement of professional teams.



We are highly perceptive and flexible. We are your suitable outsourcing and service provider

We are based on the present, look at the development of the times with a unique perspective and continue to progress accordingly

We are forward-looking, insightful and analytical

We are kind to others, based on integrity, and strive to be practical

We uphold the spirit of optimism

We pursue modernization, Open-minded, down-to-earth is our ultimate goal.

As an entrepreneurial-minded leader, MAG founder transform the idea into innovative solutions and outsourcing serivces…


First: our company was involved in IT outsourcing for more than 10 years, meanwhile still always engaged in other industries, such like Translation outsourcing, and Consultant outsourcing for more than 5 years,so we accumulated cross-border experience. That's why our outsourcing services could be more abundent.

The previous " Anoxun" and 'MAG IT Solutions' had already been involved in IT Trade and outsourcing services, it provided customized solutions with different products and services, tried to meet clients different demands in different industries.

During 2017-2019 year, the company always has been devoting in Non-profit career for Public Welfare, providing consultant solutions to Pubic, and to some people whom need help.

We  both provide tangible trade and intangible services of outsourcing solutions.

Who Are We
MAG Cuture
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