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应聘失败过的公司, 还能再试一次吗Can you try again for failed interview

Dear Annie: A couple of years ago, I applied for a job at a company where I've always wanted to work. At the time, they had a hiring freeze in effect, so I got nowhere. But now I hear through the grapevine that they've started adding staff in the area where I would be working (brand management). So I'm thinking about trying again. My question is, since they told me they would keep my information on file, should I assume they already have my resume, etc., or start over from scratch? I'm sure lots of people apply for jobs there all the time, so I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to move to the front of the line. — Mulligan


Dear Mulligan: First, assume nothing. "If you applied two or three years ago, there is no guarantee that the same hiring managers or human resources people you contacted before are still there," notes Roy Cohen, a New York City career coach and author of The Wall Street Professional's Survival Guide. "Many companies have experienced so much turnover in the past few years that there is not much institutional memory anymore. So even if you got to the interview stage the last time around, you may now be having a completely new conversation."

亲爱的“附加一击”:首先,不要想当然。“如果你是两三年前申请的,很难保证当初你联系的那位招聘经理或人力资源专员还在这家公司,”纽约职业顾问、《华尔街人士生存指南》(The Wall Street Professional's Survival Guide)一书的作者罗伊•科恩表示。“很多公司过去几年的人员变动都很大。因此,即便上次你已经进入了面试环节,这次可能也要从头来过。”

Cohen says that several of his clients have recently succeeded at second or even third attempts to get hired by employers who had turned them down before. "Always keep in mind that not being chosen for a particular job opening is often just a matter of numbers," he says. "If there are three or four or six candidates and only one job, interviewers have to cull out even candidates they find really impressive."


Moreover, even if the right fit still isn't there on your second try, don't rule out a third. By staying in touch with people you meet during the application process -- starting with inviting them to join your network on LinkedIn (LNKD) -- you can boost your chances of getting hired later, Cohen adds: "The person they do hire may not work out, or a different opening may come along, so stay on their radar screen. People would usually much rather hire someone they're already familiar with than take a chance on an unknown quantity."


Annie Stevens, managing partner at Boston-based executive coaching firm ClearRock, has also seen plenty of job seekers lately who have gotten hired on their second or third approach to a company. She offers these four suggestions:


1. Emphasize what's different about you now. This is especially important if you end up meeting with the same interviewers you met last time. "In your cover letter, on your resume, and during phone and in-person interviews, highlight specific new experience and skills you've gained since then," Stevens says. Be sure and include any courses you've taken or credentials you've earned.

1. 强调自己的成长。如果你又遇到了上回的面试官,这一点尤其重要。史蒂芬斯说:“在求职信、简历、电话和实地面试中,要突出上次应聘以来你新获得的经验和技能。”一定要反映你新学的课程或获得的资格证书。

2. Network in reverse. Use social media, and any industry contacts you have (from your previous jobs, for instance) to "seek out people who work for your target employer, or who know someone who does," Stevens advises. "Instead of leading you to the right job, as traditional networking does, reverse networking starts with the job and leads you to people who can help you get it." Insiders can tell you, for example, what aspects of your experience you should stress in an interview. They may even give you a referral.

2. 逆向拓展人脉。通过社交媒体以及个人在业内的人脉关系(比如过去工作中认识的人),“找出在你目前应聘公司工作的员工,或认识这家公司某位员工的人。”史蒂芬斯建议。“逆向人脉拓展不同于通过传统的人脉关系,它不是要帮你找到合适的工作,而是从具体工作的职位出发,通过人脉拓展,找到能帮你成功拿到这份工作的人。”比如,内部人士可以告诉你,在面试中你应该强调哪部分经验。他们甚至能当你的推荐人。

3. Join the same professional or volunteer group as the hiring manager. If you already belong to a trade association where the hiring manager is also a member, make it a point not to skip any events where you might run into him or her. "These kinds of functions provide a good, low-key way to get to know each other better," Stevens notes.

3. 加入招聘经理所在的职业或志愿者团体。如果你早就参加了某个行业协会,而招聘经理也是该协会成员,就要留意别错过可能遇到他/她的任何活动。史蒂芬斯说:“这类活动是一个很好方式,可以潜移默化地加深彼此的了解。”

4. Share news that adds another dimension to your qualifications. "Do something that will give you added recognition, such as writing an article for a trade publication or giving a speech at a conference, and share that information with the company," Stevens says. "Continually remind them of the value you'll bring to the team."

4. 及时分享能为你加分的信息。“做一些能为你加分的事情,比如为一家行业刊物撰写文章或者在一次会议上发言,将这些信息告知应聘公司,”史蒂芬斯表示。“不断提醒他们你能给整个团队带来的价值。”

In this as in so many other things, persistence -- "but without pushing it to the point where it becomes annoying," says Roy Cohen -- often wins out. Good luck.



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