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We are an agent of data storage devices like EMC and other brands.

EMC cases we did

  1. MAG served as a supplier of EMC storage devices and provider of implementation and other services for the first-phase project of virtual integration for a manufacturer in Qingdao City.

  2. MAG helped a joint venture of Taiwan in the application of EMC storage products and application for a large-scale manufacturer of Taiwan.

  3. MAG provided a solution of an expansionary project for the second-phase project of virtual integration for a manufacturer in Qingdao.

High Performance Computing Solutions Best for

         Life sciences research organizations

         Media and entertainment firms

         Academic research departments

To achieve

         Meet large-scale data capacity and performance requirements

         Consolidate virtualized and no virtualized applications

         Provide highly-efficient, easy-to-use storage infrastructure


         Solution Description

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         Customer Profiles




EMC Isilon High Performance Computing solutions are based on EMC Isilon scale-out network-attached storage (NAS)—the ideal storage platform for data-intensive, high-performance computing (HPC) environments that require the collection, storage, and transmission of large-scale datasets. Isilon storage is used by thousands of organizations around the world to support demanding HPC workloads across a wide range of applications.

  • Scalability

With Isilon High Performance Computing solutions, you can have unimaginable room for growth—with over 15 petabytes of capacity per cluster. This allows you to take on more projects, perform more in-depth research, and serve up more data.


  • Performance

As the world's fastest NAS platform with performance of 1.6 million SPECsfs2008 Common Internet File System (CIFS) operations per second, Isilon is ideal for high throughput, highly concurrent environments where clusters require fast read/write access to data.

  • Flexibility

With Isilon scale-out NAS, you scale capacity and performance for your HPC environment easily and with no downtime. To enhance your HPC workflows, our multiprotocol support capabilities can be used to interface with a wide range of applications.


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