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十个方法帮你找到工作Ten ways help you find a job

If you have been laid off, your new occupation is looking for work. 如果你失业了,那么你的新工作就是找工作。 But once you have browsed the job ads and sent emails to your former colleagues, what do you do with the remaining seven hours of the day? 一旦你看过了招聘广告,给你的前同事们发完了邮件,剩下的七个小时你要怎么过呢? Experts offer this tips for filling your days -- and accelerating your job search: 专家们提供了下面的小贴士来充实你的一天——并且帮你更快速的找到工作: 1. Read industry magazines. You'll keep up on new developments in your field, and many contain job listings as well. 读读行业杂志。你会跟上业内最新的发展,同时也能获取一些可能的工作列表。 2. Create a list of companies where you'd like to work. Use your connections to make contact with people who work at them. You don't need to ask them directly for a job; just call them to "talk about what it's like to work there," Griffen says. 列一个你愿意去工作的公司列表。动用你的人脉和在那些公司工作的人取得联系。你不需要直接请求他们给你一份工作,Griffen说,你要做的只是打个电话给他们"问问在那工作怎么样。" 3. Branch out. Consider whether a hobby could lead to a new career, for example, or whether you should learn a new skill. 扩大范围。比如,考虑一下一个爱好是否能引导你踏入一个新行业,或者你是否应该学习一种新技能。

4. Contact recruiters and temporary agencies. Recruiters work for employers, not for job-hunters. Still, it's good for them to know your skills in case you're a good match for a job they're filling. 联系一些招聘专员和临时的机构。虽然招聘专员是为雇主服务而不是为找工作的人服务的,但是让他们了解你的能力仍然很有用,也许你很适合他们要招聘的某个职位。

5. Keep in touch with friends, acquaintances and, colleagues. And don't stop after your initial contact. 和朋友、熟人和同事保持联系。不要在初次联系后就不联系了。 "Jobs are obtained by staying in touch with people who will hear of opportunities over a six-month period of time," says Bill Gregory, a career counselor at Bastyr University in Seattle, who runs Healthy Careering workshops. Bill Gregory是西雅图巴斯蒂尔大学的一名职业顾问,他开了几家健康职业工作室。他说,“跟那些能会打听工作机会超过半年时间的人保持联系就能得到工作。” On the other hand, you don't want to become a pest. Remember one of the keys to effective networking: Don't make contact only to ask for help. Try to include something useful —— a link to an interesting article, perhaps, or an offer to help the reader in the future -- when you follow up. 另一方面,你也不想惹人烦。人际交往中一个有效的关键问题是:不要只在寻求帮助的时候才跟人联系。当你跟进联系的时候,试试做一些有用的事情——一篇有趣的文章的链接,或者为将来的读者提供帮助。

6. Polish your online presence. Are you on LinkedIn? Facebook? Electronic networking can be helpful -- Don't worry should be careful about putting party photos on a site you're using for job-hunting, this way is better enable others know more about yourself. 推敲你的线上表现。你注册了LinkedIn或者Facebook吗?网络很有用--不过不用担心你把聚会的照片发到想用来找工作的网站,这样更能增进别人对你的了解。

7. Join a group ——or several. Many job-hunters find meeting with other unemployed workers helpful for emotional and practical support. Attending professional association meetings can be even more beneficial, since you'll meet people who are working in your field. 加入一个组织-或者几个。一些找工作的人发现和其他没有工作的人的会面在感情上和实际支持中都很有帮助。出席一些职业协会帮助更大,因为你会遇到和你身处同一领域的人。 "I'm big on going to group events where not everybody is unemployed," Adoradio said. Adoradio说,“我很热衷于参加不是所有人都有工作的组织活动。” 8. Take a class. You'll meet new people and learn new skills that you can talk about in your job interviews. 上上课。你将认识新的人学到新的技能,这些都可以在工作面试的时候说说。

9. Volunteer. Even if it's not job-related, it can help keep your spirits up and lead to new connections. From a job-search perspective, though, it's even better if you can connect your volunteer work to your profession. Perhaps a nonprofit could use your technical skills. If you know friends who have their own businesses, Adoradio suggests offering to help them with work in your field. 义务工作。即使和工作没什么关系,这也能帮助你保持精力,还能拓展你的交际。从找工作的长远来看,如果你能把义务工作和你的职业联系起来就更好了。也许一次公益能用上你的技术。如果你有朋友有他们自己的公司,Adoradio建议在你从事的领域给他们提供帮助。 10. Break out of your routine. Go to movies, art galleries, or concerts. Explore the outdoors. Doing something new can help you get inspired and perhaps even think about new job possibilities. 另辟蹊径。去看电影、看艺术展或者听音乐会。尝试新事物能帮助你得到灵感,也许能让你灵机一动想到新的工作机会。

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