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Our Projects

'MAG  IT Solutions' was the predecessor of 'MAG Solutions', mainly played the role as IT outsourcing service, completed the project of Virtual System Integration for ZTE, mainly designed solution for user’s virtual integration need and sold Vmware virtual software, EMC storage, IBM servers, switches, etc. including the full implementation. In the process, MAG allocated a project manager handle on site management and coordination. We responded quickly to the clients’ needs and solved problem. The project was completed outcome to meet client demand through our good communication and right problem-solving solution. Meanwhile, MAG cooperated and implemented ZTE with other outsourcing project like building Mail System together for the users. MAG customized a proper software solution after clear knowledge about client’s need, and implemented the software system. In the process, our good communication and project management precipitated successful completion outcome...

1. MAG completed the virtualization integration project for ZTE Corporation, mainly including the provision of Vmware virtualization software, EMC storage equipment, IBM servers, switches and other hardware and software equipment, as well as the implementation of the entire virtualization integration project. In this project, MAG Solutions also arranged a project manager to manage and coordinate the project on site. When facing the requirements of customers, MAG Solutions also actively cooperated and handled them quickly. The whole project was successfully conducted through good communication with the client and the correct handling of the matter. During this period, MAG Solutions and ZTE also cooperated on other projects, such as the construction of the Poly mailbox system for a central enterprise in Beijing. By understanding the client's requirements for the mailbox system, MAG Solutions formulated the most suitable construction plan for them and also carried out the project implementation of the mailbox system construction. The good coordination and handling during the period also enabled the project to proceed steadily in the implementation process.

2. MAG provides integrated IT solutions for real estate companies, including hardware equipment, software systems and follow-up maintenance in a consultative manner. " MAG Solutions” offers a complete range of hardware upgrade solutions and related equipment. We have also mastered the server management and VPN technologies, which help to solve the problem of file sharing and permission setting for office staffs at the head office and branches of real estate companies and help to manage and control the internet access of office staffs during working hours, providing a cost-effective solution. In addition, as a real estate IT consultant, we also provide comprehensive solutions to meet the requirements of internal staff for document approval management, expense reimbursement and other processes and the overall business process requirements of real estate developers.


3. For others, please see the various menus on the website which mostly cover the projects we did, as described in the introduction of other products and services.

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